The History of Competitive Shooting

Thousands of people participate in competitive shooting, a fun sport that brings gun enthusiasts together to do what they love. People of all ages participate in competitive shooting, oftentimes a family activity. But, do you know the history of this sport? If you want to know more, you’ve come to the right place to get that information.

Competitive shooting began as an Olympic sport many generations ago, although people actually participated in this event as early as the 10th century. It’s simply progressed over time. At this time, Germans made formal shooting clubs that allowed members to shoot their weapons for fun and sometimes, prizes. Around government holidays, the contests were usually held.

Turkey shoots were the first existence of competitive shooting in the U.S. and something that people still enjoy today. Turkey shoots consisted of people with rifles shooting turkeys from 200 – 300 foot ranges. Formal competitive shooting machines were developed by the 20th century, changing this sport and the way that people enjoy it, forever. It is a very popular sport for gun enthusiasts across the world these days.

competition handguns

The Amateur Sports Act of 1978 established national competitive shooting teams and games that regularly take place for those who love this sport the same way that football and basketball fans enjoy their games.  And, as they say, the rest is history.  Millions Of people began competitive shooting and it continues to grow widely today.

Should competitive shooting is a sport of interest to you, find one of the clubs and join without delay. It takes a bit of time and practice, but for most people, is a sport they enjoy to the fullest. You will need to pick out one (or more, if you prefer) competition handguns to use during the event and must meet other minimum requirements.

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