Sleep Tips For The Never Weary

So, you are sitting there in your chair watching television and your eyes are so heavy you can’t keep them open.  Rubbing your face with your hand you let out a yawn, turn the television off at the next commercial and head off to bed.  With each step the journey seems longer and longer.  Turning into your bedroom you drag yourself to the bed, fop down for a great night’s rest and the, bam, you are wide awake.

As you lay there dreading being away you can’t but wonder why you can’t sleep.  For many this happens in a traditional bed or on futons fort worth tx.  You can switch pillows, toss and turn but no matter what for some reason you just can’t fall asleep even though you were almost dead downstairs.  If this sounds like you here are some tips that you might be interested in experimenting with.

Stick to a sleep schedule

When we stick to a sleep schedule, we are setting our biological clock to expect sleep at a specific time of day.  If we go to bed at eight, we need to go to bed at eight every night.  If we skip a night, we may feel it in the morning, however skipping consecutive nights will start to knock our clocks out of whack again.

Create a bedtime ritual

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When we create a ritual, we are starting to train our brains that we will be going to sleep in a specific time period.  If we take a shower, brush our teeth, read a chapter in a book and then turn off the light then this is what we need to do every night.  When we create this ritual, our bodies will adapt giving us a lot of benefits.  Try it and see what happens.

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