Don’t Need To Be Janitor To Use These Rags

janitorial cleaning rags

To repeat for emphasis. You do not need to be a practicing janitor or custodian to use janitorial cleaning rags, particularly these ones. It is presumed that many of you reading this now will be doing a spot of your own cleaning anyhow, anywhere and however well you can manage in the time available to you and perhaps until such time that the proverbial help arrives to, well, help out. Unless of course, you are one of the many who do not or will not do a stitch.

The thing is, doing a spot of your own housework is actually quite good for you. And before you start arguing about just how stressful it actually is, having to pick up so much mess, do take a couple more minutes reading through this. Now, in any case, if the place is looking like the proverbial pigsty then surely you can admit that you only have yourself to blame for this. Enough said? Why is housekeeping and cleaning up good for you then?

It is good for your physical health. And when physical health is good, mental health is being given a good turn of good too. What’s happening here is that you are flexing those muscles, bending those limbs in all the right places and exercising what is otherwise known as elbow grease. And while you’re at it, you’re using those superb janitorial cleaning rags as well. Not only good for you, good and kind to your purse strings too.

And perhaps most importantly, these cleaning rags are good for the environment as well. There’s a good reason for that. These rags are made from materials that have been sourced from landfill sites and subsequently been recycled.  

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