New York City’s 10 Best Burgers

When it comes to burgers, everybody has their favorites. It doesn’t matter whether your preference is for patties that are infused with fat, a burger that is soaked with juices, or thin disks of beef that are covered with cheese. These are 10 of the very best according to burger lovers throughout New York City.

Hard Times Sundaes with The Double Burger. Lovers of traditional old-fashioned hamburgers will love The Double Burger, which was something of a Brooklyn secret, but is now considered an unsung hero of food nirvana. Burgers are often overstuffed and overpriced, but not this one. You can pick one up at Hard Times Sundaes at UrbanSpace Vanderbilt.


Joe Jr. with The Cheeseburger. They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. If that’s true, Joe Jr.’s The Cheeseburger will be beyond your wildest dreams. It might only be a simple burger with a slice of American cheese, but for eight years running Joe Jr.s has served these up to the masses from their scruffy little diner. Enjoy one at Joe Jr., 167 3rd Ave.

The Spotted Pig with The Chargrilled Burger. The Chargrilled Burger is a Roquefort-bolstered beauty that precisely for that reason hasn’t been changed in years, and for good reason. If your idea of a culinary delight is to pick up a half-pound burger that has been nestled in a light, super-glossy bun, that’s dripping with all kinds of blue cheese, you will be in heaven at The Spotted Pig. Prepare to enjoy yourself. Be supremely plump at The Spotted Pig, 314 W. 11th St.

JG Melon with The Hamburger. If you want a good, old-fashioned hamburger that really hits your hungry in the gut, you should try The Hamburger from JG Melon. Not only is it juicy and covered with a huge bun, but it is filled with everything that makes a great hamburger, well, great. Find it at JG Melon, located at 1291 3rd Ave.


Burger & Barrel with Bash-Style Burger. The “bash-style” burger served at Burger & Barrel is a combination of a sweet onion, American cheese, pickles, bacon jam, and their own special sauce. Combined with a beer, and this one is a delight. Better yet, however you want it, it will be done right. Get one at Burger & Barrel, 25 W. Houston St.

Salvation Burger at Salvation Burger. A good hamburger is a combination of ingredients, not just an unproportioned pile of whatever. If that’s your idea of a hamburger, you should try The Salvation Burger at, what else, Salvation Burger, located in The Pod Hotel in midtown. The owner, April Bloomfield, is a perfectionist, especially when it comes to her burgers, which she makes from scratch, baking her own buns and grinding the meat herself. However you eat one, a Salvation Burger delivers with every delicious bite. Try a Salvation Burger at Salvation Burger, 230 E 51st St.

NoMad Bar and The Burger. If you are looking for juicy burger that is nothing less than addictive, you should head to The NoMad Bar for The Burger. It’s not only incredibly tasty, but it has a texture that you are sure to never forget. Try one at The NoMad Bar, 1170 Broadway.

Mission Cantina and The Green Chile Cheeseburger. If you are looking for a cheeseburger that you are not likely to forget for a long time, The Green Chile Cheeseburger from Mission Cantina is sure to please you. To call it anything less than delicious would be a serious mistake. In fact, even calling it delicious might not do it adequate service. The thin bun is something truly unusual, but then it is covered up with a patty and cheese that has been topped by a spicy fermented chili sauce that is out of this world. The real secret of this burger, however, is that the bread on the inside of the bun is scraped out and replaced with, you guessed it, lots of cheese. In fact, nobody would blame you for mining this little gem for more cheese. This burger is a masterpiece. Get yours at The Mission Cantina, 172 Orchard St.

Harlem Shake and The Classic. If you have ever been in search of burger greatness, you should behold the classic at Harlem Shake. The feature of this attraction is a griddle-smashed bun that is literally thinner than the thinnest bun you can think of from anywhere else, then topped with two patties, cheese, onions, pickles, and their own special sauce. So much of ingredients, combined with such a flat bun ends up with a higher ratio of seared craggy, crunchy bits, that they then sandwich cheese between two patties. Get yours at Harlem Shake, 100 W. 124th St.

Long Island Bar’s Ladies’ Burger. Long Island Bar, a Brooklyn institution known primarily for its cocktails, is also home of The Ladies’ Burger, which is composed of a soft bun with just the right amount of “wet” from the juice of the meat, which makes it complete. The entire Burger is about a half-inch think, so it’s not like a lot of hamburgers that make you think that you’re trying to eat a slice of meatloaf. The special treat of this creation is the special sauce that covers acidic cucumbers that are pickled with coriander. Want to try something really different? Ask for one of the thinner patties and have it charred. The end result is a hamburger that will explode with flavor in your mouth. To get one of these, visit The Long Island Bar at 110 Atlantic Ave.

What are you waiting for? Head to one of these joints now, tomorrow, or within the week! I’m sure your mouths watered just by reading the descriptions of these NYC popular burgers. I know mine did!

P.S. If you have something to add to this list, feel free to post a comment so other readers can see. Thanks! 😉