Tips For Keeping Equipment And Metal Corrosive Free

Metal is a great material to build your equipment and other components out of.  Many in the industrial field rely on metal-based equipment to stand up to the weather, harsh environments and much more.  However, over time even the strongest metal will begin to show signs of wear and decay.  One of the biggest killers to metal is corrosion.  This is why many people who use tanks that run water will install a tray type deaerator into the container for corrosive prevention.

Build with non-corrosive materials

tray type deaerator

One way that you can go about preventing corrosion is to use a non-corrosive material such as aluminum.  When we use aluminum, we are building our tanks with a strong material, is non-corrosive and will stand up to punishment.  However, if heat or excessive stress is put on aluminum it can warp and buckle.

Keep water and other substances that will harm the metal away

When we have rust on a surface it is caused by a process known as oxidation.  This oxidation will eat away at the metal and weaken it.  When this happens, the metal will become brittle and begin to dissolve.  When we paint the metal, use protective sprays and other chemical reactions to protect the surface against oxidation we are trying to lessen or remove the threat of this oxidation.

Use Drying Agents

Drying agents will help protect metal from water and other liquids.  The purpose of the drying agents is to create a protective barrier where the water will bead up and roll off the surface of the metal.  This is a great way to protect your metal.  However, these chemicals will often need to be applied on a regular basis and will become more perceptible to the elements after an extended period of time.