Why a Cape Town Holiday is a Must

Cape Town is a beautiful city and the second largest city located in South Africa. There is much natural beauty in this area as people come to explore the culture, heritage and history. Cape Town lies where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean and this area is called by locals the The Cape of Good Hope. The Castle of Good Hope hold the fine art collection and military memorabilia by William Fehr.

Visitors may enjoy touring Robben Island where there is quite a long history of leaders like Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu. The large prison found on this island holds a great part of the history. This part of South Africa has bright sparkling waters with ferry rides that tourists may enjoy during the daylight hours. Robben Island is a symbol for freedom from discrimination as the captivating beauty surrounds this region.


Situated between Robben Island and Table Mountain lies the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront that displays exciting aerial views that tourists may enjoy by taking helicopter rides. In this adventurous area, you will find museums filled with the rich history, culture, and heritage of the region. This area is plentiful with dining places, historic buildings, shopping centers, and more. If you plan to stay a while, there are lodging facilities to accommodate you and your guests. The locals are quite friendly and helpful with travel directions to main attractions in and around the area.

Kirtenbosch Botanical Gardens have a wide array of rare flora, plants, and vines. These vibrant gardens can be found resting at the back of Table Mountain. They have many winding paths and trails that take visitors along as they view these finest and rarest African plants. These plants are marked with their names to offer a great educational experience to tourists. Maps and travel directions are available to tourists who request.


When you come to Cape Town, there are colorful streets in the Bo-Kaap area that display the culture of Muslims that created them. These Muslims were relatives of the South East Asian slaves. Their cultural heritage remains alive through their entertainment and cultural cuisines that visitors enjoy today. Cape Town is inviting and welcoming to national and international visitors. You can book your visit to Cape Town online to ensure availability upon arrival.

Cape Town’s city fame was brought to the region by the Wine Lands that stretch across the hills, valleys and vineyards. This is where some of the most prized wines in the world are found. The breathtaking and beautiful landscape of this area has often made visitors not want to leave, but remain here forever. The Wine Lands are surrounded by three other small town which include Franschhoek, Paarl, and Stellenbosch. This is a place that remains beautiful throughout all seasons of the year.

Because Capetown rests near the two oceans, they offer a natural habitat for huge whales where tourists can enjoy whale watching with close views. Cape Point is where the whale watchers gather to view a wide variety of whales. Some whales that make their homes here are the Killer whales, the Southern Right whales, and the Humpback whales. These beautiful creatures are amazing to watch. Today, Cape Town remain on the list as one of the best vacation destinations in the world.

Table Mountain is a great landmark in Cape Town where a varied ecosystem is found. This mountain provides visitors with an adventurous two hour hiking experience to the summit. Visitors may chose to ride the cable car when the weather conditions permit. The cable cars have huge windows that offer visitors the best view of the summit journey. One of the best views on this whole continent is the views from Cape Town and Table Mountain.

Tourists may also enjoy riding the Blue Train through Cape Town and Pretoria. This train can accommodate around eighty passengers at once. The passengers often enjoy viewing wild African hillsides, wildlife, flora, fauna, vistas, meadows, and more. This train offers visitors plush comfortable seating. This majestic ride is a little expensive, but well worth the price to view this amazing place riding in style. Don’t forget to pack your camera so you can share your adventure with those you left behind at home.

Located within Cape Town is the Ratanga Junction, a great destination for families with children of all ages. Families enjoy a carnival atmosphere in this area. This is a theme park where there are rides, shopping malls, games, fun sites, dining places, picnic areas and more. It is here you will find the exciting party and fun atmosphere for the whole family.
You and your family will never experience one boring moment when visiting this South African region – Cape Town, so full of adventure and beauty.